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The Beauty Blog

 Enhance your natural beauty!

Would you like our secret to beauty?

The Glamour Range is a beauty supplier that specialises in one thing, and what is that you ask?

The simple answer is in the name Glamour. The job of this brand is to give all women in beauty an outstanding look of glamour. One of the online beauty stores that generously provides a glow to your look, a beauty website offering all women our Mink lashes & LED makeup mirrors, to give women the ability to achieve the look they're looking for, and to help all women to gain the confidence and pride they desire for their natural beauty.

So the secret to beauty is the way you truly feel about yourself, the confidence you have in yourself and your look can help you carry yourself as a queen, and there is nothing more that we love in our work than to give women confidence in their beauty.


Some of our new collection!!

Why we like to give to the Beauty World

The goal of The Glamour Range is to make women feel empowered in beauty and feel like an inspiration to themselves, everyone loves to look good and so we’d love to help you look good, and also feel good.

Nearly 50% of women search for their makeup & beauty products online, and we would love to be a strong source for beauty needs. 

Women love their beauty and love to look into all sorts of beauty supplies whether they’re, strip lashes, makeup, skincare, there is always such a high demand within the beauty industry for enhancing beauty, you can find out about great beauty supplies from various blogs and sources.

We would love to contribute to the beauty industry in a glamorous way, by providing our products to help your look glow, giving you an outstanding and unforgettable experience and look when applying and wearing your makeup.

There is so much that the beauty industry has to offer, with the beauty industry having one of the highest range of products in the world and one of the biggest markets/ industries the world has seen. Sources say that in the UK, the amount spent on hairdressers and personal care alone reached up to £8.6 billion in 2019 which is unbelievable, and it is still growing massively till this day, and we would love to be part of this growth. 

How we give to the beauty world.

A whole world of lashes…

A customer wearing our K16 False mink lashes.

We know you beauty lovers always have questions such as...

What lashes suit me?, which lashes should I buy?, will lashes stay on?, have I done my makeup right?, how does my makeup look? Well we’re here to help you answer all your questions.

Part of what we offer are strip lashes, these are false mink lashes, there are so many strip lashes out there to choose from and especially from our site there as there is a range of styles for you to decide what false lashes are the best for your look. Usually it’s not too hard to find the very best false mink eyelashes that suit you best. There are so many factors that go into choosing lashes like, choosing the right types of lashes such as, faux mink lashes and mink lashes. 

Or maybe the type of set of lashes you may want to buy, like getting mink lashes individually in sets, 3 packs sets or even 12 pack sets if you’re feeling adventurous. Of course only you can know what false lashes are the best for you.

There are also so many styles of lashes such as natural lashes, dramatic lashes, wispy lashes, soft lashes, fluffy lashes, flared lashes and so many more for you lash lovers to choose from, from this store and many others. There are loads of different names and styles of false lashes, you just have to tell between them and identify which is your best fit. There is literally a world of different lashes out there to choose from, -link 

False lashes are widely used by girls and women across the world, they are used to enhance your eye makeup. Strip lashes are one of the most convenient products to use to add that wow factor to your makeup look. They pretty much emphasise your eyes giving them a fuller, longer more dynamic look, once you find a style that clicks with your look you will realise what false lashes are the best for you. As for this brand we have false mink lashes that are easy to apply and use, so they're great and one of the best false eyelashes for beginners. 

Lashes are often the secret to completing a whole makeup look for any type of occasion whether it could be eyelashes for everyday or eyelashes for a special event, we have the answer for what eyelashes are the best for these situations. 

Our lashes offer you a look of elegance by just sitting on your natural lashes with all their might and drawing all the attention to your eyes.  


Our False Mink Lashes

We provide our mink lashes, with features to give women the ability to achieve any type of look they would like, whether its full glam, soft glam, dramatic, natural, cat eye or any type of face creation, we are here to help you get the style you want by providing a style you need. With our amazing dramatic lashes, natural Lashes, fluffy lashes, wispy lashes, all here for your looks.

Ease of use.

Our fluffy mink lashes are easy to use and convenient to wear for all eye shapes and sizes, a range of lashes to enhance and define your eyes and give you a look of brilliance and compliment your eye shape.


We are providing Lashes of length to help enhance and open up your eyes, creating a wider lash view and look. A range of lashes at lengths that best suit your needs for the right look and feel


Our Voluminous lashes are specially and carefully designed to enhance and increase your volume with ease and give you a look of elegance.


When it comes to false lashes, everybody has their preferred features, designs and qualities that they look for that best suits their look. So we love to give a range of lashes with wispy, fluttery, fluffy, soft and many more textures and features for any type of eye look.


Our LED Makeup Mirrors  

We provide our LED makeup mirrors, so that when applying makeup you will feel like a queen the second you look in the illuminated makeup mirror and see the bright reflection of your true beauty in full detail, while focusing on your makeup up close you will already feel as if you have completed your look. 

We have provided our best LED makeup mirror with amazing features. This professional makeup mirror with lights, give you the extra focus, lighting, angles, magnification and detail, for you to achieve any beauty look you’re working on, whether it is a dramatic look, natural look, soft glam, full glam, we want you to have the power to apply it flawlessly and feel amazing.


White Vanity Mirror

Our White Mirror has a nice and pure look to it, you can get ready for any occasion feeling like a Hollywood star and finish your application looking like a Hollywood star, this illuminated makeup mirror has such a vibe to it.


Black Vanity Mirror

Our beautiful Black Mirror has a nice dark and sleek design, perfect for a calm and smart style for application of all your favourite makeup, a smart and dark design to help you look fine with amazing brightness and angles.


Pink Vanity Mirror

Pink Mirror, Our amazing pink mirror has a nice romantic and glamorous vibe for all you ladies to feel like an absolute queen when painting your beautiful faces with makeup, and reflect true beauty.

Once you have completed your beautiful look just the way you want it, we want you to feel as if you can make a bold statement with your look, this also goes for applying our False Mink lashes.

In conclusion, 

Well In conclusion this brand is all about beauty, and what we have to offer everyone within the beauty industry. As mentioned our job is to help all members of the industry feel amazing and confident in themselves and their image, by helping and supplying our main products, False Mink Lashes & LED Makeup Mirrors. This is one of the great beauty websites that generously provides strip lashes. We aim to provide some of the most easy and convenient best false eyelashes, suitable for all eye shapes and types, for all women to complete their looks in style, here to answer questions of which false lashes are the best.