The benefits of what we offer your beauty

False Mink Lashes 

Our false mink lashes give your eyes a look of elegance and definition, while enhancing volume and length.

Opening up your eyes effectively to create wideness & a more dynamic view.

Complimenting all eye looks and shapes, for easy wear ability, and extremely light-weight and comfortable to style.

 Various styles for any types of looks, whether it's Soft glam, Full glam, Natural, Smokey, You name it.

LED Vanity Mirrors

Our Mirrors have 22 built in LED lights to give you the perfect lighting situation to increase vision and apply in perfect brightness.

1X,2X and 3X Magnification to provide the most detailed view to be able to work on areas perfectly in full focus.   

Providing extra storage compartments for safe keeping of accessories such as, lipstick, eyeshadow and eye lashes. 

Extra view, with 4 mirrors positioned at a range of angles to provide a wider view and catch all your areas easily.


30 Day money back guarantee!!

 If you are unsatisfied or have any problems with any of your orders, we are offering you a 30 day money back guarantee. And offer better alternatives for you.

 A short story behind the brand. 
This new brand started up within the new year of 2021, this brand started up taking inspiration from various beauty stores and a love for the industry, The Glamour Range started up with a goal to help women feel empowered in beauty and have the most convenience and confidence in their beauty looks, that is why convenience in beauty is one of the mottos for this brand. While becoming one of the active online beauty websites, happily offering solutions to help women maintain their beauty as freely and easily as possible, with the help from partners and suppliers. The main objective is to provide beauty products of such value to help satisfy and solve questions or problems women may have in terms of what's the best look for them and how to reach their desired look.