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    Details & Description

    Give your skin an experience of satisfaction, care & hydration with our new and full skincare tools set.

    A whole set of skincare essentials for effective facial treatment, maintaining healthy skin is extremely important, so we would love to help & give you our set to improve every aspect of your skin, the whole set includes:

    An LED Mesotherapy Wand+ Pore & Blackhead Vacuum + Nano Face Steamer+ Free Cleansing & Removal Tools.

     Pore & Blackhead Vacuum 


    What it is & why it's special
    A device that uses light and powerful suction to effectively remove blackhead and dead skin cells to leave your skin clean, clear and rejuvenated for the better.

    And a perfect solution to impurities such as blackheads, grease, oil & dirt. With the ability of powerful deep cleansing to treat with ease. 

    Get the silky smooth skin that you deserve, with this delicate & effective tool, having incredible suction but still very gentle and light on the skin to make those acne signs and breakouts become a thing of the past!

    Key Benefits
    • Remove Blackheads, dirt & oil. 
    • Remove the appearance of fine lines the and wrinkles.
    • Even & smoothen out skin texture.
    • Reduce appearance of dark spots & pores.


     LED Mesotherapy Wand


    What it is & why it's special.
    Designed with LED light therapy to give you, smooth, soft & flawless skin in just minutes.

    This Mesotherapy device is designed for the firming and tightening of the skin, with advanced skin rejuvenation, using RF to heat the dermis to stimulate the collagen and elastics fibres to the original elasticity therefore improving sagging skin and promote blood circulation. 

    Red light promotes collagen regeneration & skin elasticity for fine lines & wrinkles.

    Green light helps with absorption of beauty fluids & helps clear skin.

    Blue light helps with inflammatory sedation contraction of pores, acne or oily skin. 

    Yellow light helps with relaxing skin & promotes collagen. 

    Pink light helps brighten the skin, suitable for dark spots and areas. 

    The pink light flashed helps skin absorb brightening gels and lotions. 

     Key Benefits.

    • Leaves skin clear & smooth with a flawless complexion. 
    • Quick and easy 10 minute use.
    • Helping issues such as acne.
    • Solving problems such as wrinkles, fine lines & loose skin. 


     Nano Face Steamer


    What it is & why it's special

    Our steamer specialises in detoxifying, cleansing & removing impurities from your face in moments. 

    A relaxing way to enhance your complexion perfectly with a spa-like treatment from the comfort of your very own home, an experience worth having to deeply cleanse your skin and your pores of dirt, sweat and oil. Minimizing risks of further break outs.

    The steaming process only takes 10 minutes but results in long lasting, purification and hydration of the skin. With the opening of pores to remove traces of makeup or SPF. Enhancing the skins absorption of creams, lotions and oils. 

    Key Benefits  

    • Deep cleansing & purifying.
    • Helps absorption of creams & facial oils. 
    • Refreshes & hydrates skin.
    • Rejuvenating the look of your complexion.



    Customer Reviews

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    Darius Moen

    all of product works perfectly and rechargeable it's also good for my skin

    Sincere Mraz

    Nice מאד

    Chaya Denesik

    Facial Skin Treatment Set

    Cynthia Ullrich

    все пришло . дополню как использую

    Shana Abshire

    Super Thank you quality super